Ümit Sayin, Taner Arısal, Asiye Kocatürk and Irmak Dedecan


 (ASEHERT-CİSEATED, İstanbul University, Censan-Cethes Companies and Medipol University)


Reproduced here by permission of the author.


According our current survey, Dr. Sayin’s own individual surveys and individual data obtained from CENSAN Sex Toy import Company, we have been investigating the possibility of some vibrators and sex toys to be used in the treatment of sexual function disorders, and also improving the vibrators for the purposes of sex therapy. We have investigated the responses of women to various stimuli and we categorized women into 5 groups according to their responses and clitoral orgasms to vibrators:

GROUP-A (Moon women): Women who can achieve clitoral orgasms by means of very low stimulation frequency (25-40 Hz). They can even attain orgasms by very minute vibrations.

GROUP-B (Sun women): They can attain clitoral orgasms by higher frequencies such as 40-60 Hz. They can have orgasms by the vibes sold in the sex shops.

GROUP-C (Earth women): They can attain clitoral orgasms by 50-80 Hz moderate orgasms. They may be aroused by lower frequency vibrators.  Some of these women can have good satisfaction by the vibrators sold in the sex shops.

GROUP-D (Sky women): They can be stimulated and attain orgasms by a wider range of stimulation frequencies (40-100 Hz). In the beginning frequencies which are at the range of 50-60 Hz can induce orgasms in these women. But a kind of desensitization may develop after a while and some of them may need massage vibrators and more powerful vibrators. In the long term they may need 70-100 Hz vibrators to be aroused and to have an orgasm.

GROUP-E (Venus Women): They need very powerful vibrations such as massage vibrators, which are around 80-100 Hz. And they may need to increase the intensity after a while



We have recently made a survey on 27 women, some of whom have been in the group who had never used a vibrator before (N= 7). The survey and study is still continuing. These women were all given bullet vibrators (3000 RPM, frequencies at different potentiometer of 2, 2.5 and 3 volts, levels: 40, 50 and 60 Hz) and the survey questions were collected 3 months after giving the bullets. The bullets (and other vibrators) were supplied by Censan Company Ltd. The questionnaire consisted of 50 questions about the sexual behavior and the effects of various vibrators. The distribution of the  subjective evaluation of women according to their responses to the bullet vibrators and/or other vibrators which they have used before, or given to them as compliment for the study were (N= 27):

Group A= 13 % (Moon women); Group B= 27 % (Sun women); Group C= 44 % (Earth women)

Group D= 13 % (Sky women); Group E=    3 % (Venus women)


In all groups the question: “Using bullet vibe or other vibrators did you attain a clitoral orgasm?” was evaluated as:

A)     67 %: Yes, every time I used, I attained a clitoral orgasm (100 % of the trials)

B)     19 %: Yes, usually I attained a clitoral orgasm (75-100 % of the trials)

C)     8 %: Yes, sometimes I attained a clitoral orgasm (50-75 % of the trials)

D)     0 %: None. Yes, from time to time I attained a clitoral orgasm (25-50 % of the trials)

E)      0 %: None. Yes, I rarely attained a clitoral orgasm (1-25 % of the trials)

F)      3 %:  Yes, I very rarely attained a clitoral orgasm (1-5 times)

G)     3 %: No, I have never had a clitoral orgasm during vibrator use.

As a sample second question was:

“Did bullet vibrators or other vibes affect your sexual response and capability to attain clitoral orgasm?”

The likert type scale included the choices of:

0-Affected very badly.1-Affected badly.2-No effect. Effect is uncertain 3-Affected little positively, improved my clitoral orgasms a little bit4-Affected moderately, improved my clitoral orgasms 5- Affected much in a positive way and improved my clitoral orgasms much 6- Affected very much in a positive way and improved my clitoral orgasms very much indeed.

The results of 27 participants were:

0 (very badly): 0.0 %

1 (badly): 0.0 %

2 (No effect): 14 %

3 (Little effect): 0.0 %

4 (moderate effect): 14 %

5 (much effect): 29 %

6 (very much effect): 43 %


“Did bullet vibrators or other vibes affect your general sexual response positively?”

0 (very badly): 0.0 %

1 (badly): 0.0 %

2 (No effect): 11 %

3 (Little effect): 0.0 %

4 (moderate effect): 4 %

5 (much effect): 45 %

6 (very much effect): 40 %

Conclusion: Bullet vibes or other vibrators that can stimulate glans clitoris CAN induce orgasms in a majority of Turkish women(86 % in our group) and can improve sexual life of women (85%). Also using clitoral vibrators can enhance the women’s sexual response and also develop clitoral orgasms. Other results of the survey, which is still continuing, will be presented in scientific articles and during the Scientific Meetings in near future.