Excitement Phase etc.

The Sexual Response
- The Male Response






The Sexual Response in Older Men

The Excitement Phase
Older men usually need a longer time to achieve an erection. Furthermore, the erection may no longer be as complete as before. However, there is no reason why this should, in any way, diminish the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

The Plateau Phase
In fact, during the ensuing plateau phase an older man has a definite advantage over a younger man because he now can maintain his erection much longer. In later years, the urge to ejaculate becomes less pressing. As a result, older men may not reach orgasm as often as before or, in any case, gain greater control over the timing of their orgasms, and thus have a better chance of truly satisfying their partners.

Orgasm and Resolution Phase
Just as the physiological responses during the other phases are no longer as pronounced as before, orgasm becomes less explosive and forceful. Ejaculations are somewhat weaker, and the subsequent loss of erection is immediate.

Refractory Period
The refractory period becomes rather extended, i.e., an older man needs a much longer time before he can again respond to sexual stimulation.

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