Muscular Tension etc.

The Sexual Response - The Male Response


4. 消退期




The Response Cycle: An Observed Pattern, not a Norm

4. Resolution

Muscular Tension, Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure
The muscular tension in the body subsides. Breathing, pulse rate, and blood pressure revert to normal.

Sex Flush and Nipple Erection
The sex flush mentioned earlier disappears quickly. In contrast, the erection of the nipples, if indeed it should have occurred, remains visible for some time. Some men perspire immediately after orgasm, although even then this reaction usually remains restricted to the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet.

Refractory Period
Immediately following orgasm males experience a so-called refractory period. During this period, which extends well into the resolution phase, the individual cannot respond to any additional or new sexual stimulation, i.e., he is incapable of having another erection and another orgasm. The refractory period may be very short in some individuals, especially while they are young, but it usually becomes longer with advancing age. There may also be such a refractory period in females, although many women can experience several orgasms in rapid succession.

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