Vagina etc.

The Sexual Response
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The Sexual Response in Older Women

The Vagina
The most noticeable of these changes concerns the functioning of the vagina. Vaginal lubrication, which may appear within fifteen to thirty seconds in younger women, may now take several minutes to develop and be much less profuse. In addition, the vaginal walls become thinner and lose their former elasticity as a result of hormone deprivation. However, hormone replacement can usually improve the condition. Insufficient lubrication can be overcome through the use of an artificial lubricant.

The Uterus
Since the uterus begins to shrink after menopause, uterine elevation during sexual arousal gradually becomes less pronounced. As a result, there is now less of a "tenting" or "ballooning" effect in the inner two thirds of the vagina.

Muscular Contractions and Resolution Phase
The contractions of orgasm are milder and fewer in number. The resolution phase is much shorter. None of these possible physical changes have to prevent the enjoyment of sexual intercourse. Indeed, women who have been sexually active throughout their lives can expect to remain responsive well into their old age.

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