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Visitor Statistics

Our Visitor Statistics

Our Visitor Statistics

Our web site is serving a growing number of users:

1. A search for "sexology" in www.google.com and www.bing.com will show our site among the first hits.

2. Our own visitor statistics can be accessed here:
   Old statistics of former host
   Current statistics

Here, the "Monthly History" illustrates, among other things, that our web site now registers over 10 million contacts per month (hits), including over 400 000 visitors. Clicking on various subsections of our statistics reveals further details. For example, they also show that our readers come from all over the world ,i.e. from a total of over 20 000 cities in over 200 countries. Among the "top ten" of these countries are not only the USA and Mexico, but also India, Brazil, and China, the great "newcomers" on the global scene. We further see that most of our readers live in Latin America. We will keep following these statistics and bear them in mind for the future direction of our work.